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For Beginners and Experts
Fly Fishing tuition – fishing taster
This fly fishing taster session is a brilliant choice if you’re considering taking up trout fishing or just want to have a go at something different.

The sessions lasts for around two and a half hours, during which time you will:

  • Learn how to put a rod, reel and line together.
  • Learn how to attach a fly to the line.
  • Learn the simple technique of Roll Casting and when to use it.
  • Learn how to do an Overhead Cast.
  • Practice different types of casting.
  • Learn how to fight and land a trout.
  • Have a go at catching a fish.

If you catch a trout, you will be able to take it home for supper.  If not, we will issue you with a Fish Credit that can be used on another visit.

To book a Fishing Taster Session online, Click the Button Below.
Fly Fishing experience day
Fishing is a social sport and can be learnt in a fun and experiential way.  This is what our Fly Fishing Experience Day is all about.

Designed specifically for novices, this fishing tuition experience provides everything you need to get started in fly fishing. You’ll receive professional tuition and friendly advice throughout the day. ​​

Starting with an early morning coffee, a bacon roll and/or a danish pastry, you will join the day at 9am as part of a small group (no more than four people per instructor).  

​To begin with, you will learn about rods, reels, lines, priests (that are nothing to do with religion), ripple, flies and leaders as well as learn all the important health and safety aspects of the sport – such as the absolute importance of wearing eye protection, whilst fishing.

During the day, you will see demonstrations on how to cast effectively and you will get plenty of opportunity to have a go yourself.  Throughout the day you will have, on hand, one to one support from an instructor, who is passionate about improving your ability.

Our Fly Fishing Experience Days are held on Tuesday and Saturday, throughout the year and during the summer, on a Sunday.  You can book them by clicking the button below:

Please Note: A fly fishing Experience Day has a minimum limit age of 16.
About Us

Why Fly Fishing Tuition?

From our observation, A lot of people think that fly fishing for trout is just a case of picking up a fishing rod and thrashing it about on the water.  Others think that they can learn everything they need to from friends and family. 

The reality is that fly fishing is quite a complex sport.  If you are a complete fly fishing novice, starting out with some simple instruction on a Fishing Taster or an Experience Day will get you pointed in the right direction and avoid you getting in a tangle with loads of bad fishing habits that need to be undone.

If you are relatively experienced in fly fishing and are wondering why you’re ability to pull fish from the lake is less than adequate, it may be that a One to One fly fishing lesson will sort that out for you.  And, if you have children, a session on the Kids Pond will be great fun for them and you.

 Whatever your aspiration, properly learning to fly fish will really enhance your enjoyment of the sport as well as ensure that you start your trout fishing career with as many of the right habits – and as few of the wrong habits – as possible. 

One to one fly fishing tuition
Once you’re are getting the hang of fishing, you may find that you need to brush up on some of your skills. 

​A really cost effective way of doing this is to book some One to One sessions with our team.  These sessions last one hour and are ideal for picking up specific technical skills.

One of the most popular One to One fly fishing tuition is the Casting Analysis.  Experience tells us that casting is simply an application of principles.  Know the principles and deliberately practicing them will bring excellent results.  However, without understanding the principles fully and without right practice, bad habits will result.  On a Casting Analysis, our instructors will observe your cast, identify what is working well and what is not, to help you find the feel of a perfect cast.

To book a One to One fly fishing tuition, simply click the button below:
fly fishing tuition For children
Our experience at Meon Springs is that children are full of enthusiasm for fly fishing but many of them have the attention span of a gnat. 

For this reason, we have developed a pond specifically for kids to have a go and catch a fish. 

Instead of using a fly rod, we use a spinning rod in this pond.  It is great fun. 

​The session costs 15$, including all tackle, instruction and one fish to take away. 
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